Emergency Notification for COB Water Customers


This is an emergency notification…

Hurricane Sandy will cause severe flooding in many areas of the LehighValley.  As of 4:00 p.m. today, law enforcement officials will close roads that are susceptible to flooding and ponding.

Residents in flood prone areas should seek shelter from friends or family or, if necessary, go to the Lehigh Valley Emergency Shelter located in the UGIBuilding at 2121 City Line Avenue.  This shelter opens at noon today.

Pets can be taken to a shelter located 2120 City Line Avenue.  For more information regarding the animal shelter, please call 610-749-2012.

If you have no means of transportation or if you are physically unable to evacuate on your own, ask a neighbor to assist you or call 610-865-7187.  Please dial 911 only to report an emergency.

For updated information, please visit the City of Bethlehem website at www.bethlehem-pa.gov.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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