Emergency Sheltering

Bethlehem, PA

Shelter Sites: December 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 

Here is the schedule for sheltering in the City of Bethlehem for the winter of 2012-2013.  This information, along with Site Coordinator contact information is available in .PDF format in the hyperlinks below.

Sheltering Sites 2012-2013

Site Coordinator Contacts 2012-2013

MONDAY Christ UCC Church of the Manger
  65 E. Market Street 1401 Greenview Drive
TUESDAY West Side Moravian St. John Windish Lutheran
  402 Third Avenue 617 E. Fourth Street
WEDNESDAY West Side Moravian Unitarian Universalist
  402 Third Avenue 424 Center Street
THURSDAY West Side Moravian   Church of the Nativity
  402 Third Avenue 321 Wyandotte Street
FRIDAY College Hill Moravian St. Andrew’s Episcopal
  72 W. Laurel Street 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue
SATURDAY   East Hills Moravian Advent Moravian
  1830 Butztown Road 3730 Jacksonville Road
SUNDAY        New Covenant Church New Covenant Church
  21 E. Broad Street 21 E. Broad Street

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