12 thoughts on “Crime Mapping

  1. Thank you for this. I was just having an argument with someone that was complaining about the crime rate here in South Bethlehem and I’m just amazed of how they think the South side is so terrible and ghetto. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve seen nothing but police officers working hard everyday on the streets and the neighborhood is quiet. I’m glad I moved here. This place is awesome.

  2. Having the Bethlehem Police Dept. respond and assist as quickly as they do is one of the things that I believe gives the community a sense of safety. I’ve only ever had great response, professionalism and concern from the BPD. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Bethlehem PD…if you’re not going to maintain the crime mapping, consider taking it off your website. It’s embarrassing. Also, I no longer received an email with the Police Reports. Did the BPD stop sending these out to ‘we the people?’

  4. “The City of Bethlehem Police Department has partnered with The Omega Group to provide real crime mapping to the citizens of Bethlehem. You can search for crimes that occurred in Bethlehem by date range and crime type. You can even set alerts so that you receive an email when a crime occurs around your home or business. There is even a free app for the iPhone. Check it out!”

    Why is the B.P.D. not reporting crime to the citizens?
    I like to know what is going on in my neighborhood.

  5. Unfortunately, the Bethlehem Police Department is no longer participating in our service. You will no longer see updated incidents on CrimeMapping.com or receive email alerts which pertain to any subscriptions for this agency.

    Thank you for your interest in CrimeMapping.com,

    The Team at CrimeMapping.co ??

  6. Looks like there’s a lot less transparency with BPD than there used to be. No longer maintaining wordpress, no longer participating in crimemapping. What’s the deal? Don’t we deserve to know what crime is happening in our city? Every neighboring police department uses crimemapping and theres a huge blank spot in their map where BPD SHOULD be reporting!!

  7. Bring back Police Chief Jason Schiffer. He started and maintained public transparency for the BPD. The police personnel are doing a great job, but management’s decision to scrap transparency stinks.

  8. I wonder why the BPD will not even respond to the questions in these comments about Crimemapping or the crime log? All the surrounding municipalities report the crime log.
    You would think the BPD would want the public to know what is happening in their neighborhoods so the public could help the police if they see something wrong?

  9. The BPD does not respond to questions on these comments because BPD management does not allow a response, or no one is assigned the job of monitoring and responding to comments. Management includes the Chief of Police, and if the Chief is not doing her job, then the Mayor should see to it that comments are monitored and responded to. Waiting . . .

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