Rosie Cohen’s Bawdy House

In 1918 Bethlehem launched a campaign against houses of ill-fame, gambling dens, and speak-easies.

The articles we have corroborate the above article’s assertion that there were many fines paid after arrests were made.

In the several clippings that follow we will read about Rosie Cohen. Rosie has been arrested multiple times for keeping a Disorderly House. Apparently Rosie’s bawdy house is one of the more popular destinations, as she seems to get a lot of visitors.

But as many businessmen and women know, sometimes paying a fine here or there is an acceptable part of certain business models. Such might have been the case with Rosie Cohen’s operation.

Our introduction to Rosie begins after she has been fined for previous transgressions, and during a moment when she has run afoul of the law….again.


Obviously all that drama wasn’t enough to rattle Rosie’s cage, though she did leave town.

Get a load of this gem:

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