2012 Memorial Service

On Saturday evening, May 19th, the Bethlehem Police Department, in conjunction with The Fraternal Order of Police Star Lodge #20 and the FOP Auxiliary, held their annual Awards Ceremony and Memorial Service.  The event was attended by Mayor John Callahan, many Bethlehem Officers and their families, retired officers and officers from the Allentown and Lehigh University Police Departments.

The ceremony begins with the presentation of awards to police officers who have gone above their normal call of duty and performed exemplary service to the citizens of Bethlehem.  We then recognize any officer who has served the citizens of Bethlehem, retired and has passed away in the last year.  We individually honor each of the six Bethlehem Police Officers who lost their lives while performing their duties.  Finally, the FOP Auxiliary reads aloud the names of every police officer in the United States who lost their lives in the past year.  This year, 163 names were read aloud.  During this reading, the members of the audience hold candles in remembrance of the sacrifice.

Please see below for copies of the program, the names of officers who received awards and a brief description of the circumstances, a message from the Chief of Police, and photos taken at the service.

2012 Memorial Program

Award Ceremony Synopsis

Memorial Service Message from the Chief

Photos by Dee Burritt from the Warriors Watch Riders

Photos by Bethlehem Police Detective David Bartera

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