BPD Highway Patrol Unit

The City of Bethlehem’s Highway Patrol Unit is a specialized unit within the Police

Department. The Unit is part of the Operations Division, Special Services Platoon. The

primary function of the unit is the enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances on all

roadways within the City. Expanding on that primary function reveals the many other

duties that are required to fulfill that mission.

BPD Highway Patrol in the 2013 Parade of Shamrocks

BPD Highway Patrol in the 2013 Parade of Shamrocks

Highway Patrol Officers conduct enforcement operations, monitor vehicular and

pedestrian flow in high traffic areas, investigate traffic crashes, abandoned vehicles,

parking complaints, school bus violations and perform any other traffic related duty.

The unit provides escorts for funeral processions, oversized loads, parades, dignitary

visits and special events within the City and is also responsible for patrolling and

enforcing laws and ordinances in all City owned parks.

The Highway Patrol Unit is also utilized for patrolling high crime areas and assisting

patrol with high priority calls for service. Training in the emergency and non-emergency

operation of police vehicles to all Department Officers is another important function


The Unit uses primarily motorcycles in performance of their duties but also has a

variety of other vehicles equipped to assist with the many tasks it performs.

The City of Bethlehem’s Highway Patrol Unit has a proud history and has evolved

throughout the years to meet the ever changing needs of the community it serves. The

officers of the unit are all volunteers and maintain the high standards and

professionalism expected of all Bethlehem Police Officers.


The Bethlehem Police Highway Patrol Unit

training on 23 May 2012

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