The City of Bethlehem Police Department’s static display for CALEA Accreditation

                                               POLICE ADMINISTRATION
Chief of Police Mark Diluzio 610.865.7150
Deputy Chief of Police Todd Repsher 610.865.7152
Public Information Officer


Captain Ashley Heiberger 610.865.7296
Lieutenant  Paul Feliceangeli 610.865.2165


Captain John Sarnicky 610.865.7158
Desk Sergeant 24 Hours 610.865.7179
Special Services Lieutenant Jeremy Alleshouse 610.865.7155
Special Services Sergeant Ronald Brazinski 610.865.7153


CID Lieutenant Jeff Herzog 610.997.7672
Special Operations Lieutenant William Dosedlo 610.997.7679
Crime Prevention Officer Tom DeFrank 610.865.7181
Property & Evidence  610.865.7033


Director of 9-1-1 Robert Haffner 610.865.7161
Records Bureau 610.865.7175

5 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. On behalf of the former Washington Borough Police Department ,our sincere sympathies are shared with you and his family on the loss of Brother Frank Rossnagle.We worked together many years when he was on the Wsahington Twsp.Police Dept..He was a true brother in blue.

  2. Hi I would just like to thank Officer Stokes (sp?) for escorting me home I truly appreciate it and it is the first time I have felt safe walking into my apartment after dark. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that there is always a person just a call away that is concerned for my safety. God bless and thank you!

  3. On the Police blotter blog, there is an old picture of a policeman on an old cruiser maybe early 60’s, I was wondering who that maybe. My father in law was on the motor cycle and a desk seargent in the 60’s and the photo looks like him. He had 20 years with you. His name
    Was Charles” tubby” Mies. I was just wondering? Thanks for all you do!

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