About Us

This is the Official blog of the City of Bethlehem Police Department

Our Department Mission Statement:

The Bethlehem Police Department will protect and serve the community by maintaining order, preventing crime, and enforcing the law with integrity and professionalism.

Our Department Motto:

“In Partnership with our Community”

We will be posting event information, traffic alerts, crime alerts, suspect photos and videos.  Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive more content. Then subscribe to our MyPD mobile application for use on your iPhone or Android device.

The Bethlehem Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Bethlehem, which is nearly 20 square miles in size with approximately 75,000 residents. The city is located approximately 50 miles north of Philadelphia and 75 miles west of New York City.  Geographically, the City is divided into three major patrol precincts, North, West and South. Each precinct is further divided into districts with a total number of eight districts within the City.

There a six different ranks within the Bethlehem Police Department in the following order:

  • Police Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Deputy Chief of Police
  • Chief of Police

The Department has four Divisions headed by a Captain, or by the Office of the Chief of Police. The Operations Division, Criminal Investigations Division and the Support Services Divisions are led by Captains, while the Professional Standards Division reports directly to the Office of Chief of Police.

The Operations Division is comprised of four Patrol Platoons. Platoons One, Two and Three are led by a Lieutenant and three Sergeants. These platoons work a rotation of dayshift and middle shift. The Fourth Platoon is also led by a Lieutenant and has five sergeants to cover the steady night shift. The Special Services Platoon is led by a Lieutenant and Sergeant and is comprised of our Motorcycle Officers, our Mounted Officers and our school resource officer.

The Criminal Investigations Division is handled by two Lieutenants who supervise the Criminal Investigative Bureau and the Special Operations Bureau. Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of the Forensic Services Unit, Detective Sergeant and Detectives. The Special Operations Bureau consists of three units; the Vice Unit, the Street Crimes Unit and the Bethlehem Housing Authority Street Crimes Unit. Each unit is led by a sergeant.

The Support Services Division consists primarily of civilian employees and supervisors of our 9-1-1 Communications Center and our Records Bureau. The Communications Specialists handle all calls that come into our 9-1-1 Center and also monitor our City’s surveillance camera system. Our Property and Evidence Unit is under this division and is run by a sworn police officer.

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