Thank You


NOVEMBER 7, 2014


On Thursday morning, October 30, 2014, Mayor Robert J. Donchez and Chief Mark A. DiLuzio accepted a generous donation to the Police Department Wish fund from Madalyn Shea and Stephen Burda.

Ballistic Vest

The donation will be put towards the purchase of ballistic vests that are worn by City Police Officer each day they work.

Madalyn’s husband was the late retired Allentown Police Lieutenant James J. Shea Sr.  They resided in Bethlehem. Mr. Burda also resides in Bethlehem.

On behalf of Mayor Donchez, myself and the members of the Bethlehem Police Department, THANK YOU for your generous donation. As Chief, I will personally insure that your donation is used towards the purchase of a new ballistic vest that will be worn by a Bethlehem City Patrol Officer.

Again, Thank You Madalyn and Stephen very much.


Mark A. DiLuzio

Chief of Police


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