NOVEMBER 7, 2014


On Friday, November 7, 2014, Bethlehem Police arrested a 16 year old Liberty High School student after he ignited a fire in one of the bathrooms at the school.

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, at 1:26 pm, a fire alarm was activated at in the Commons Building of Liberty High School.  The building was quickly evacuated and Bethlehem Police School Resource Officers Erik Kaintz and Officer Stephanie Molnar responded to the area and located a large amount of smoke on the ground floor of the Commons Building by the cafeteria.

Officer Kaintz and Molnar discovered a smoldering trash can in the men’s bathroom.  The Bethlehem Fire Department arrived on scene and it was determined the trash can was the source of the smoke.  The building was ventilated and students were permitted back into the building after a short period of time.

This morning, Officers Kaintz and Officer Molnar continued their investigation.  After reviewing the video surveillance cameras and conducting a number of interviews, it was determined that a 10th grade student ignited the fire in the trash can.

The student was arrested at the school and transported to Bethlehem Police Headquarters.  The student is being charged with Arson, Causing or Risking a Catastrophe and Institutional Vandalism. The case will be referred to the Northampton County Juvenile Probation Department.  The student was released to his family and was placed on house detention by the juvenile probation department while awaiting his court hearing.

Bethlehem Area School District Officials and the Bethlehem Fire Department assisted in the investigation.

Thank You.

Mark A. DiLuzio

Chief of Police



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