NOVEMBER 7, 2014


The Bethlehem Police Department conducted a DUI sobriety Checkpoint on Friday, 31 October 2014 in the 1000Blk of Pembroke Road.  During the checkpoint hours of operation (11:00PM and 3:00AM), 199 vehicle drivers were stopped briefly and given a pamphlet on the possible penalties of DUI driving.

Of the 199 drivers, Five (5) were found to be driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  A passenger in one of the vehicles was also arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana when he was observed with a small baggie of suspected marijuana in his lap as the vehicle he was driving in entered the checkpoint.

In addition to the DUI and Drug arrests listed above, several summary citations were issued for the following offenses:

One (1) -Driving under Suspension

Four (4) -Driving without insurance

Three (3) -Seat belt violations

One (1) -Unregistered vehicle

One (1) -Driving with a suspended registration

One (1) -Driving on wrong side of roadway

One (1) -Permitting violation of title

One (1) –Rear Lighting requirement

One (1) –Unlawful Activities/ Missing heat shields for exhaust stacks

Additionally, 5 warnings were issued for various vehicle inspection items (2 faulty headlights) (1 Faulty brake light) (2 Cracked Windshields).  Those drivers are allowed 5 days to correct the issue to avoid receiving a citation.

The Bethlehem Police Departments make no secret about our DUI enforcement activities. The Media is notified prior to conducting checkpoints and of arrests. On a frequent basis we actively seek out and arrest DUI drivers.  Additional enforcement activities will occur in conjunction with the coming holiday season and into 2015.

DUI drivers account for a significant number of motor vehicle crashes.  DUI crashes too often result in fatalities.  These fatalities are an avoidable tragedy.  We ask that you use a designated driver, make alternative travel arrangements or don’t drive after using alcohol or drugs.

If you drive under the influence in Bethlehem, you will be arrested and prosecuted.  A DUI arrest is expensive and can impact your license, your job, and your family, but it is nothing compared to losing your life or killing someone else because of a very bad decision.

Please Don’t Drink and Drive.


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