Megans Law Compliance Check


OCTOBER 30, 2014

On Tuesday, October 29, 2014, City of Bethlehem Police Detectives and Pennsylvania State Police Troopers conducted a joint compliance operation involving individuals in the City of Bethlehem that are currently listed on Pennsylvania’s Megan Law Registry.

Detectives and State Police Troopers were paired up and their jobs were to physical check the primary residences, alternate residences and employment of all individuals on the State Megan Law List that reside in the City of Bethlehem.

There were 64 compliance checks made of individuals on the list. Of the 64 individuals, 58 were found to be in compliance. 2 Individuals have existing Megan Law Violation warrants on them and are wanted by Police. 4 Individuals were interviewed and further investigation is required.

As you know, individuals listed under the Megan Law Registry have certain criteria that must abide by. This joint operation is one way that law enforcement, both state and local, work together to make sure that the criteria set upon these individuals by our Courts are strictly followed. As in other investigations, individuals found in violation are immediately arrested and prosecuted.

Pennsylvania’s Megan Law was established to protect the public and children from sexual offenders. It provides a way citizens can keep track of a convicted sexual offender in their community.

The safety of our children is paramount to law enforcement all across this nation. The City of Bethlehem Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop M, and Megan’s Law Section, will continue these joint operations to insure that convicted sexual offenders listed on Pennsylvania’s Megan Law Registry abide by all Court ordered guidelines and regulations.

For information on Pennsylvania’s Megan Law Registry, please go to the Pennsylvania State Police website or

As Chief of Police for the City of Bethlehem Police Department, I would personally like to thank all Troopers of the Pennsylvania State Police for their duty to the citizens of this Commonwealth, and also to the State Police Megan’s Law Unit for their professionalism and cooperation with Bethlehem City Detectives in this joint operation.

Thank You.


Mark A. DiLuzio

Chief of Police


One thought on “Megans Law Compliance Check

  1. Kudos to the Bethlehem Police Department for doing such a good job on protecting our children. It’s nice to see that the Police force is doing this and hopefully it will reassure faith in those don’t have faith in law enforcement. Thank you BPD!

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