SEPTEMBER 16, 2014


On September  9, 2014, at 9:50 pm, Bethlehem Police Officers and Sands Security responded to a parking lot at the Sands Casino on a report of a robbery. Two individuals were robbed of (10) Apple I Phones that they were selling on Craigslist. The two victims had agreed to meet the potential buyers in the Sands Parking lot, a well lighted area. When they met the potential buyers, later identified as ASHARIF TRANSMORE and KHALFANI A. LASSITER, the victims were assaulted and robbed of the Apple I Phones.  ASHARIF TRANSMORE was struck by a vehicle when he fled the scene and is presently in Northampton County Prison on Robbery and related charges for his part in this robbery.

Bethlehem Police Detectives are now looking for KHALFANI A. LASSITER for his part in this robbery.

Khalfani Lassiter

Khalfani Lassiter

KHALFANI A. LASSITER is described as a Black Male, age 36, dark complexion, brown eyes, 5’10” in height, 185 lbs., black hair in long dreadlocks and a goatee. LASSITER resides in Allentown, Lehigh County.

If you have any information on this Robbery and/or the whereabouts of  KHALFANI A. LASSITER, please contact the City of Bethlehem Police Department at phone # 610-865-7187 and/or Det. Moses Miller at phone # 610-997-7674. Thank You

Mark A. DiLuzio,

Chief of Police



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