AUGUST 14, 2014


On August 13, 2014, the Bethlehem Police Department, in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration Allentown Resident Office and the Allentown Police Department Vice and Intelligence Unit, conducted an operation that targeted a high level, Bethlehem based cocaine trafficker.  Acting on an investigative lead, detectives conducted surveillance on Carmelo Sanchez-Agosto (Age 34) of the 1100 Block of East Fourth Street.  Detectives were able to make significant observations that led to the arrest of Sanchez-Agosto for the felony delivery of cocaine.  1,211 dollars was seized from Sanchez-Agosto at the time of his arrest.  Those observations additionally led to the issuance of two search warrants.  The first search warrant was for Sanchez-Agosto’s home at 1115 East Fourth Street.  

1115 E 4th St

1115 E 4th St

The second search warrant was for Sanchez-Agosto’s business, which was a garage at 1512 East Sixth Street. 

1512 E 6th St

1512 E 6th St

At approximately 2130 hours, both search warrants were served.  The search of the garage at 1512 East Sixth Street produced the following:

  • 1,028 grams of cocaine, which is just over one kilogram. A kilogram of cocaine can be purchased wholesale for approximately 38,000 dollars.  The same amount of cocaine can be sold on the street for approximately 55,000 dollars. 
  • 16 grams of loose heroin. Once packaged, this amount of heroin is worth a street value of approximately 4,800 dollars.
  • 320 grams of marijuana. Once packaged, this amount of marijuana is worth a street value of approximately 2,000 dollars.
  • 69 Oxycodone pills, which is worth a street value of approximately 1,380 dollars.
  • Packaging material for the above drugs including two scales, 500 unused glassine heroin bags, several bottles of cutter material, hundreds of sandwich bags and Ziploc bags, spoons, strainer and a heat sealer.

     Sanchez-Agosto was charged with one count of deliver of cocaine, three counts of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, heroin and marijuana), three counts of possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance (cocaine, heroin and marijuana) and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. Sanchez-Agosto was arraigned before on duty Northampton County District Justice Jackie Taschner.  Bail was set at 2,000,000 dollars and Sanchez-Agosto was committed to Northampton County Prison.

    This drug arrest was the result of joint police cooperation, and an excellent police investigation. I would like to personally thank Agents from the DEA, Detectives from the Allentown Police Vice and Intelligence Unit and Detectives from the Bethlehem Police Department Special Operations Unit, for a fine piece of police work that lead to the arrest of a significant drug trafficker. Keep up the great work. 

     The Bethlehem Police Department will continue to work with and cooperate in every way with federal, state, county and local law enforcement in joint investigations, and use all resources available in its efforts to investigate all drug and criminal complaints, and to arrest all individuals that sell drugs, and/or possess or use illegal firearms, or commit crimes of violence and other crimes, in the City of Bethlehem.

     If you have any information on any crime in the city of Bethlehem, please contact Bethlehem City Police via our 911 Communication Center at 610-865-7187.





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