AUGUST 13, 2014


On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, at 6:44 hours, the Bethlehem Police Department 911 Center received a call about a domestic dispute in the 900 block of Hellertown Road.

Police units responded and found a female with injures. The female stated that her husband assaulted her, threw her out of the car, threatened her and took their three year old son. Her husband threatened suicide.

A short time letter, the Bethlehem Police 911 Center received a call from a male threatening suicide on the 7th level of the Sands Casino Parking Garage. The male indicated that he had a child with him.

Bethlehem Police units responded to the Sands Casino Parking Garage. As the first Officers, Officer Blake Kuntz and Officer Michael DiLuzio, pulled onto Sands property, the Officers observed a male on the top level of the garage standing on the railing holding a child. The two Officers approached the male and spoke with him. The male was the husband with the three year old son. He appeared visibly and emotionally upset. The two Officers were able to get the male to place the child down onto the floor. The male did this and stood back up and started to move forward to jump. As he did this, the two Officers rushed him, grabbing and tackling him to the parking deck floor.

The three year old child was uninjured. The mother of the child was treated for injures and child and mother were re-united.

The male in this incident was taken to St. Lukes Hospital where he was admitted for a mental health evaluation. This incident is under investigation and Criminal Charges are pending at this time.

We are not releasing the name of the male at this time since he has not been formally charged with anything at this time. As the investigation proceeds, additional information may be released.

Thank You

Mark A. DiLuzio

Chief of Police


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