Effective 7:00PM tonight (1/21/14) the City of Bethlehem is declaring a snow emergency.  Snow emergency routes have restricted parking on one side of the street that alternates each day.  All vehicles parking on snow emergency routes must obey the posted snow emergency signs for that street or their vehicle will be ticketed and the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.  City parking garages are available for free parking for the duration of the snow emergency.  The snow emergency is expected to last until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  We understand the inconvenience that the limited parking brings but in the interest of public safety, it is necessary to declare the snow emergency.  Please move your vehicles off of the emergency routes if at all possible.  If you have to park on a snow emergency route, please follow the signs be aware that at 7:00AM the alternate parking goes into effect and you must move your car to the other side of the street to avoid being ticketed and towed. 

            The more people that voluntarily comply, the fewer vehicles will need to be towed in the bone-chilling cold.  Please share this information with friends and neighbors that might not follow social media.  Together we can save citizens tow fees and tow operators from frostbite.   Thank You



  1. I live on a snow emergency route. Thus I keep an eye out for Snow Emergency Declaration on WFMZ. As of now (7:33pm) there is no mention of this. I also get text notifications from WFMZ if an emergency is posted in the event I am not able to watch the TV. One of your fine officers just came up my street. However, He stopped at the top and bottom of the block only. There are about a dozen house in between where he made his stops. I am in the middle of the block and barely heard his siren (happen to see the lights bouncing off a surface in my house) and really could not hear the message at all!!!! There was no loud media in my home just the normal household noises at dinnertime.
    Can they institute a reverse call system /Text message alert system to notify residents of these Snow Emergency Route? I know they cost money

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