Department Announces Deputy Chief Appointment and Promotion

August 26, 2013




The City of Bethlehem and City of Bethlehem Police Department are proud to announce the appointment of our new Police Chief, Craig Finnerty, Deputy Chief of Police, Todd Repsher, as well as the Promotion of Lieutenant Ashley Heiberger to the rank of Captain.

Chief Finnerty joined the Department in 1992 and advanced to serve as Sergeant and then Lieutenant in the Patrol Division. He also served as an Operator and then supervisor of the Emergency Response Team.  Chief Finnerty has also held assignments as a Firearms Instructor as well as a Field Training Officer.  After serving as Lieutenant of the Department’s Professional Standards Division, he was appointed Deputy Police Commissioner.  His experience on the street serving the public and inside the halls of the Bethlehem Police Department stand out and we are proud to have Chief Finnerty lead the Department in this important capacity.

Deputy Chief Todd Repsher brings a well rounded 22 years of experience and leadership to his position.  He began his career as a patrol officer. Deputy Repsher has also served as Vice Investigator with the Special Operations Unit, Patrol Sergeant and Lieutenant with the Third Platoon, Lieutenant with the Criminal Investigations Division, Captain of the Operations Division, and he served as an Operator on the Department’s Emergency Response Team and later became the Teams Commander.  In addition, he was a member of the Department’s Community Policing Unit.

The City of Bethlehem Police Department would also like to announce Lieutenant Ashley Heiberger is being promoted to Administrative Captain.  Captain Heiberger has been a police officer for approximately 18 years.  He has served as a patrol platoon commander and was previously assigned to a Staff Lieutenant position, where he was responsible for the accreditation, grants, and training functions.  Ashley was one of the driving forces behind the Department’s initial accreditation efforts with CALEA and PLEAC and three years later he served as Accreditation Manager for the first reaccreditation for both programs.  He has been an integral part of both processes and we are grateful for his leadership.  He is an Executive Board member of the Pennsylvania Police Accreditation Coalition, and has conducted training for accreditation managers and assessors in several states.




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