Press Release: DUI Crash and Arrest

Press Release for 08 August 2013 DUI Crash

Bethlehem, PA

13 August 2013

For Immediate Release

At 0304 Hrs on 08 August 2013, Bethlehem Police responded to a vehicle crash on E. Broad Street at High Street in Bethlehem, PA, Northampton County.  The crash involved a single vehicle that was traveling east and struck a parked vehicle on the south side of Broad Street.  Two additional parked vehicles were also damaged in the crash.

The single vehicle was operated by Richard M. Hoffman, an off-duty Bethlehem Police Officer.  After the crash, Mr. Hoffman was taken by City of Bethlehem EMS to St. Luke’s UniversityHospital for evaluation.  He is not reporting any injury as a result of this crash.  Mr. Hoffman was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI and he submitted to chemical testing of his blood at the hospital.

Mr. Hoffman was immediately placed on paid administrative suspension, as per departmental policy, pending the outcome of this criminal matter.  An internal investigation is being conducted.

On 12 August 2013, Bethlehem Police received results of the chemical test indicating Mr. Hoffman’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.16%.  The following charges will be filed at District Justice Manwaring II:

  • PAVC 3802(c) – DUI – Highest Rate of Alcohol (Misdemeanor)
  • PAVC 3802(a)(1) – DUI – General Impairment (Misdemeanor)
  • PAVC 3714(a) – Careless Driving (Summary)

One thought on “Press Release: DUI Crash and Arrest

  1. I am very happy to see that the Bethlehem Police step up and treat a criminal act as just that, no matter who it is that committed the act. If you feel I am saying this because the actor is a police officer, you’re right. I would have expected something like this to be swept under the rug only to be found out some years later. It’s not that I am happy to see a cop get in trouble, it’s that, no one is above the law.

    As to Officer Hoffman, I’m not a big fan of police but I don’t think he should lose his job for making a mistake. I do think the department should do everything they can to help him if he has an alcohol problem. I’ve had a couple of DUI’s in my past and no one gave up on me. I don’t think the BPD should give up on Hoffman. Invest in him!

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