Bethlehem Aggressive Driving Enforcement Continues

Bethlehem, PA

On Monday July 29th, the Bethlehem Police Department continued the Aggressive Driving Enforcement efforts on Route 378.  The Bethlehem Police Department receives state grant funding to participate in these operations that are designed to target the areas in our jurisdiction with the highest concentration of crashes.  The purpose of these operations is to reduce the number of crashes through education and enforcement.  We use large “Aggressive Driving Enforcement” signs shown below, to warn drivers of our operations.

Aggressive Driving Sign

We have used both the traditional media and social media to educate and inform motorists that these operations will be conducted.  Despite these warnings, much of the traffic continues to travel at excessive speeds along the Route 378 corridor.  We have seen a slight decrease in the average speed  on Route 378 and hopefully, this will translate into lower speeds and fewer crashes.

When we started the aggressive driving enforcement operations, the average speed timed was nearly 67 MPH.  During our last operation on July 29th, the average speed timed was below 65 MPH.

We conducted a two-phase operation timing motorists in both directions on Route 378.  We timed 292 north-bound vehicles that averaged 65.4 MPH, with a high speed timed of 84.0 MPH.  We timed 192 south-bound vehicles that averaged 64.0 MPH, with a high speed of 90.5 MPH.  That highest speed offender was a motorcyclist carrying a passenger and was stopped and issued a citation.

One north-bound motorcyclist was timed at 85.0 MPH, but accelerated to a much higher speed when an officer attempted to stop him.  The motorcyclist drove between other cars on the dotted line and zig-zagged around other cars before heading east on Rt. 22.  Anyone with information on this motorcyclist is encouraged to contact our department at 610.865.7187.

A total of fifteen speeding citations were issued to motorists for PA Title 75, Section 3362:  “Maximum Speed Limits”.

We will again issue a warning that these Aggressive Driving Enforcement operations will continue.  Tell your friends, and please drive responsibly.


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