Aggressive Driving Enforcement Results

Bethlehem, PA

Aggressive Enforcement Operation Results:

On Tuesday July 23rd, officers from the Highway Patrol Unit conducted Aggressive Driving enforcement operations on Rt 378 South at the Hill-to-Hill Bridge. During this operation, a total of twenty-nine drivers were stopped for speeding, all of whom received citations for speeding. Eight operators were cited for also failing to produce proof of required insurance, and one for failing to be properly licensed. A grand total of thirty-eight citations were issued.

A total of 161 vehicles were speed timed with an average speed of 51.6 MPH. The highest speed timed was 67.6 MPH. The speed limit on the Hill to Hill bridge is 30 MPH. This area was selected due to the regular occurrence of traffic crashes.  Since January 1, 2013 we have investigated sixty-one (61) crashes on Rt. 378 between Rt. 22 and the Five Points.  Twenty-three (23) of these crashes were “Reportable”, meaning they involved injury or towing.  five of these crashes also involved Driving Under the Influence.  These efforts are aimed at reducing these crash numbers by raising awareness of aggressive driving and citing those responsible for causing hazardous conditions.

Please use care when driving at all locations, but please use special care in areas such as the Hill to Hill bridge due to the narrow lanes and lack of a shoulder.

We will continue to conduct these Aggressive Driving operations, so use caution and drive carefully.



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