Route 378 is not a Speedway. Please slow down.

Bethlehem, PA

Despite previous warnings, here, that we would be conducting future Aggressive Driving enforcement on Route 378, the roadway continues to be used as a test track for high speed driving.

Cat 55

On Tuesday July 16th, the Bethlehem Police Department conducted an Aggressive Driving operation on Route 378. During this operation, we speed timed 302 vehicles that were traveling at an average of 66.6 MPH. We issued sixteen (16) tickets for speeding and one (1) for Driving Under Suspension. The average speed of those who received citations was 78.84 miles per hour. This is an increase over the 77.15 MPH from the first operation conducted in December 2012. The highest speed timed on Tuesday was 90.0 MPH.

We will continue to conduct Aggressive Driving operations in the coming months at various locations throughout the city, so please drive with care.


3 thoughts on “Route 378 is not a Speedway. Please slow down.

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