Mayor John Callahan announces Police Chief Jason Schiffer’s Retirement

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2013

Contact: Mayor John Callahan, 610-865-7100      610-216-0208

              Mayor John Callahan announces Police Chief Jason Schiffer’s Retirement

Bethlehem Chief of Police Jason D. Schiffer has submitted a letter of intent today to retire after twenty years of service with the Bethlehem Police Department.  Chief Schiffer will continue his duties through late August.  He looks forward to spending more time with his family while selecting his next career.  Chief Schiffer has expressed his gratitude to the Bethlehem community and has thoroughly enjoyed his career with the Bethlehem Police Department.

“The Bethlehem Police Department is one of the best police organizations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and that is a tribute to Jason’s untiring efforts.  Our crime rates have continued a downward trend while our crime clearance rates continue to climb.  We continue to be the safest city in Pennsylvania with over 30,000 residents and that margin continues to widen”, Callahan added.

In addition to making Bethlehem one of the finest police departments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Chief Schiffer also utilized social media in an unprecedented way, moving Bethlehem in to a modern era of public transparency, accountability, and partnership with the community.

Recently the Bethlehem Police Department received both state and national reaccreditation from PLEAC and CALEA.  The assessors in our recent PLEAC accreditation wrote in their report, “The City of Bethlehem Police Department sets an example that should be emulated by law enforcement agencies throughout the country.  Their organizational philosophies and practices show their continuing commitment to providing superior quality service to the community and the department.  It is clear that the department is well disciplined, well trained, well organized and well directed.”

 “We certainly will miss Chief Schiffer and wish him the best in all future endeavors and opportunities as they present themselves”,  Mayor Callahan concluded.

Mayor John Callahan has indicated that Deputy Chief of Police Craig Finnerty will move up and fill the position vacated by Chief Schiffer upon his retirement. A search will be conducted from within the department to fill the Deputy Chief’s position.


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