Important Update Regarding Fox Attack in West Bethlehem

During the day on Saturday May 25 Bethlehem Police Officers were called to the area Central Blvd and then Oak Hollow Apartments on a report of a fox that had attacked two people.  After the first attack, officers were unsuccessful in destroying the fox.  Officers were able to locate and destroy the animal after the second attack where it had bit a male who was out walking his dog as well as attacked a police vehicle.  See complete story here

The fox was sent to the Pa Dept of Health where it was tested for the rabies virus.  We have been notified by our Health Department that the fox in question has tested positive for rabies.

Anyone who has come into contact with the fox is encouraged to seek immediate medical attention.

photo (2)


One thought on “Important Update Regarding Fox Attack in West Bethlehem

  1. At about 6:50 this morning, while waiting for a school bus, I watched as a squirrel ran erratically back and forth on a front porch roof, repeatedly stopping only to fling itself onto the windows on the second floor. It did so for about several minutes. It was bizarre. Sometimes it grabbed onto a screen and jumped off and sometimes it just bounced off the windows. When I called the police (couldn’t put my hands on the Animal Control number) the person on the other end of the call was initially concerned, but then said if I was not the homeowner I could not make the report. Once the squirrel was out of the immediate view, I did alert the owner who planned to call, but how does that policy make sense? What if the owner wasn’t home? Aren’t you encouraging community members to get close to a possible rabid animal by instructing us to go to the location of the animal??? The community was alerted to the danger of rabies – not just home owners.

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