West Bethlehem Wildlife Caution

Bethlehem, PA



Shortly before 8:00 AM on Saturday May 25th, a male was attacked by a fox in the vicinity of W. Market Street and Central Blvd in West Bethlehem.  The male was not injured and was able to escape and call police.  Bethlehem Police officers responded, located the animal, but were unsuccessful in their attempt to put the fox down.

Later in the day, just before 1:00 pm, Bethlehem Police officers were called to the area of the Oak Hollow Apartments on a report that a male was attacked and bitten by a fox while walking his dog.  The male was able to escape the area and transported himself to Lehigh Valley Hospital – Muhlenberg for treatment.

Bethlehem Police Officers and our Animal Control officer responded to the area to attempt to locate the animal.  Officers observed a fox attack and begin to bite at one of our police vehicles.  Due to the aggressive behavior of the fox, the Animal Control officer destroyed it.  The fox was transported to the PA Department of Health where it will be tested for disease.

The Bethlehem Police would like to remind anyone to be alert for animals behaving in an unusual manner and especially to report any instances of aggressive behavior. We can be contacted 24-hours a day at our non-emergency number of 610.865.7187.  Store this number in your cell phone so you always have it available.  Citizens may also download our free smartphone app for iPhone and Android.  Citizens are reminded to always report crimes and suspicious activity to our Communications Center via phone, rather than posting on social media.  While we interact with the public in many ways, a phone call will always be answered promptly.

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