Thank You, Bethlehem 9-1-1 Command Center

Bethlehem, PA

9-1-1 Center

The second full week of April is designated as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (April 14-20, 2013). We take the time to say “Thank you” and recognize the hard work that is done by our 9-1-1 Center employees who help save lives in times of personal or national crisis.

The men and women of the Bethlehem 9-1-1- Command Center are of the highest caliber and provide first class services to the citizens and emergency service workers in Bethlehem. Starting in 1934, the City of Bethlehem had the very first 2-way radio communications system in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our current center has continued that tradition of providing some of the best service using cutting edge technology.

From all of us in the Bethlehem Police Department to all of the Communications Specialists, Communications Supervisors, Quality Control Supervisor and 9-1-1 Director, we would like to say “Thank you”. Your professional contributions as true “First Responders” make our jobs easier and safer every day.

First Police Radios

1934 article from The Morning Call announcing Pennsylvania’s first two-way radio communications system in Bethlehem.


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