Bolsheviks Busted in Bethlehem

In November of 1919 there was plenty of action in Russia. There was no shortage of men pulling triggers across Asia. The Bolsheviks (Reds), the Whites, the Greens, the Blacks, and maybe a couple of other very colorful and well thought out named coalitions were duking it out here and there. Carnage-a-plenty.

Enter Winston Churchill. He is attributed with saying Bolshevism must be “strangled in its cradle”. But here in 1919 Bethlehem, the police one-upped Churchill big time. The Bethlehem Bolsheviks were rounded up during a raid on the South Side in which many officers participated.

All were charged with…….wait for it………….Conducting a Dance without a Permit.

They had to pay a $10.00 fine and costs for their transgression.

Lucky for them they were rounded up in Bethlehem rather than Russia during this time period.

No. We aren’t making this up. We have the proof.




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