Lehigh Spring Break: Duck Season, Rabbit Season, or Burglary Season?

Bethlehem, PA

Burglary Season2

Every year during traditional school breaks, the off-campus housing area around Lehigh University gets targeted by some for burglaries.  Law enforcement from Bethlehem and Lehigh work together to step up patrols, but we cannot be at all locations at all times to keep watch over the vacant houses.  This year, we can make a difference by working together to reduce these crimes.

Lehigh University provides a service for you to register your house for additional patrols by the Lehigh University Community Police Unit.  How cool is that? It actually works, too.

Here are some other things you can do to make your house a harder target.  Remember to lock your doors and windows.  Use deadbolts if you have them.  If you don’t, maybe you should contact your landlord and ask “Why not?”  A deadbolt is a significant safety measure to prevent entry into your residence.  Do you have an outside porch/patio light?  Do you have a motion light? Consider these options, as well.  They all will considerably increase the chances that your stuff will still be there when you get back.  Put a few house lights on a random timer is also a good idea.  Maybe put a home stereo on to play this:

No one would come in your house when Justin Bieber is singing…

On that note, put some thought into what you leave at your place when you go home away for a week.  If you really value it, consider taking it along with you (if you can).  At least move it out of view from the street, or close the blinds/drapes so that your cool stuff doesn’t look like it is on display at Best Buy.  Do you have the serial numbers recorded of your valuables?  You should.  Take a moment, make a list and email it to yourself.  This can really help us recover your stuff from pawn shops and make arrests if there are thefts and burglaries.

Seriously, we will be working with the Lehigh Police to do our best so that your property is just the way you left it when you get back from break.  Putting some thought into the way you leave your place can make a big difference.  Do you know someone staying in town? Ask them to stop in and check on your place.  If you are staying in town and see something suspicious, (or anytime for that matter), call us at 610.865.7187 or 9-1-1.  And please, register your house with LUPD.


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