Final Meth Lab Explosion Suspect Arrested

31 March 2013

Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem Police Department’s Fourth Platoon reports that the final meth lab explosion suspect, Daniel HOUSER, has been arrested overnight.  Fountain Hill Police Department contact the Bethlehem 9-1-1 Communications Center at approximately 2:30 AM on Sunday 3/31/13 to advise that HOUSER was at St. Luke’s University Hospital. Bethlehem officers responded, taking Houser into custody. Very little details are available at this time, but HOUSER is currently incarcerated at Northampton County Prison.




UPDATE 3/29/2013 1100 A.M.   The juvenile has been located and returned home.  Thanks for all of the tips, information, and requests to assist that we received!

Missing Juvenile/Runaway

The City of Bethlehem Police Department needs help locating a runaway juvenile.  Kristopher Parker, 15 year old white male, approximately 5’3”, 130 lbs, Sandy colored hair and blue eyes.  He was last seen wearing blue jeans, black and grey sneakers, and a brown colored hooded sweatshirt.  Kristopher was last seen on 3/27/2013 at approximately 1:30 P.M on the west side of Bethlehem.  Kristopher was upset at the time of his disappearance.  Kristopher has no known friends and no known places he might be going.  Below is a recent photo of Kristopher.  Anyone with information about Kristopher’s whereabouts please contact the City of Bethlehem Police Department at 610-865-7187, reference BC-13-12493.


Citizens of Bethlehem and surrounding areas: BEWARE OF SCAMS

Spring is here which means groups of individuals will be coming to our area to perpetrate various types of  scams. If you fall victim to their schemes you will lose a lot of money. Two of our citizens have already been victimized by these individuals in the last two weeks so we know they are already in the Lehigh Valley. These thieves specifically target the elderly. Listed below are some of the types of  scams to be on the look out for. All of them have been conducted in our city at one time or another.

DISTRACTION BURGLARIES: There will be two or more individuals during this operation. You will see only one of them. A male will knock on your door. He will probably have a maintenance uniform on of some kind. He will say that he is with the water department (or other utility) and that they are doing work in your area. He will ask to come in and will isolate you either in the basement or kitchen area. He will tell you to run the water and watch it so you can let him know when it appears to be dirty water. While you are distracted with this he will contact his partner(s) and tell them that it is safe to come into your home. Once inside they look for anything and everything worth stealing, especially safes.

They will leave quickly and you will never know they were in your house. They may also say they are working next door on a fence and get you to go outside to show them your lot line. While outside the suspect will engage you in conversation and his partners will go into your home. Once they are done they will call or radio the male you are talking to and he will then leave.

CHIMNEY CLEANING: The suspects will drive around neighborhoods looking for an elderly homeowner who has a chimney. They will note your address and research your phone number. You will then get a call, usually from a female. She will purport to be from a chimney cleaning company (recently they have used the name Tri-County Flues). She will tell you that you are due for a cleaning. She will offer this service at a very low price. Once the suspects are at your house they will discover a “serious problem” with your chimney insert, a problem which is a dangerous condition for your home. They will tell you that they need to install a new flue. But they never replace the insert and since it is not easily visible you may never realize it. They will charge between $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 for the work they never did.

SEAL-COATING DRIVEWAYS: Again, the suspects will drive around neighborhoods looking for elderly home owners with paved driveways. They will knock on your door and tell you they are already doing a driveway job in your neighborhood. They will then tell you that they have “left over material” and could seal your driveway at a discounted price since they were already there and have surplus materials. Once you agree they will spray a substance on your driveway. It is not sealant. It is a cheap mixture of chemicals that sprays on black but serves no structural purpose. They will charge you anywhere from $500.00 to thousands depending on what they think you will pay them.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND WHAT TO DODuring “distraction burglaries” the suspect will have a phone or a “walkie talkie” of some type. He will contact his conspirators using one of these devices and might speak in a foreign language.

Be suspicious of anyone stating they are a utility worker of any kind who needs to come into your home. They rely on the fact that you are a trusting person. If you believe anything mentioned above is happening or is about to happen to you, call the police immediately. Let us go out to your home neighborhood and try to verify that the person is legitimate. The descriptions of vehicles, people you saw, and the last known direction of travel is great information to tell our Communication Specialists (dispatchers) when you call us.  Calling us will also help in arresting these individuals. They are very hard to catch as they roam from state to state and usually have many aliases.

Here is a useful link with information about dealing with contractors:

If you have any questions or helpful information about recent cases please contact:

Detective Robert Toronzi

City of Bethlehem Police Department

610 997-7675

Major Crash Route 378 Northbound


On March 24, 2013 at approximately 2:07 p.m. patrol units of the City of Bethlehem Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle crash with injuries on Route 378 North, north of 8th Ave.  Two individuals were transported to area hospitals for treatment of injuries.  Due to the investigation as well as cleanup of accident debris in the roadway, Route 378 Northbound is closed at 8th Ave.  The investigation is ongoing and no further details will be released at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Ofc. Dwight Schaffner at 610-865-7187.

Bethlehem Police to Participate in First Global Tweet-a-Thon

Bethlehem, PA

1297391881488_ORIGINALThe Bethlehem Police Department has been using social media as an extension of their community policing philosophy since mid-2011.  Since that time, we have gained thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.  We also maintain this WordPress blog, that has been averaging around 20,000 hits per month.  We view this form of communication as a next logical means of communication with the public we serve.  Our department has been participating in block watch meetings for twenty years and more.  Those meetings, which still occur, are held monthly and may reach a few to a few dozen participants.  With our social media tools, we can reach thousands on a daily basis which provides a much more robust model to speak with, and listen to, our community.

We are not alone.  Hundreds of police agencies across the globe have discovered that there is much power and value to an open dialogue with their citizens.  This movement has been spearheaded by Lauri Stevens, founder of and the first ever Global Tweet-a-Thon.  This event is scheduled to take place starting at 8 AM on March 22nd.  Already over 150 police agencies in 8 countries have signed on to participate.  Agencies with enagage in a virtual ride-a-long, tweeting their experiences while working the streets of their communities.  Each agency will use the hashtag #poltwt to mark each tweet.

In Bethlehem, Sergeant Bob Urban will be participating and tweeting our experiences in Bethlehem.  Follow along with the Bethlehem Police Department as we hit the streets.  Read what we are doing, ask questions, and experience a day in the life of an officer in Bethlehem. Remember to use hashtag #poltwt and we’ll see you on the beat!

UPDATE: Meth Lab Suspect Jeffrey Caulfield Turns Self In

Bethlehem, PA

On the morning of 3/21/13, Jeffrey Caulfield turned himself in to the Bethlehem Police.  Caulfield had outstanding warrants for his arrest in connection with the operation of a meth lab at 1965 Greenleaf Street.

UPDATE: (3/21/13 @ 1330 Hrs): Jeffrey Caulfield was arraigned at District Justice Narlesky’s office.  His bail was set at $100,000 and he was committed to Northampton County Prison.



As of 1130 Hrs on 3/21/13, the warrants are still active for Daniel James Houser.  More information about the incident and subsequent charges can be found here and here.


UPDATE 3/21/13 @ 1130 Hrs: Suspect Jeffrey Caulfield has turned himself in to Bethlehem Police. Click here for more details.

Arrest warrants for Jeffrey CAULFIELD, 28 years of age, Daniel James HOUSER 39 years of age, are still outstanding.  CAULFIELD and HOUSER are wanted on charges of Operating a Methamphetamine Laboratory, Manufacture of Methamphetamine, Causing a Catastrophe and other drug related charges.  The charges stem from the investigation into methamphetamine sales and manufacturing at 1965 Greenleaf St in the City of Bethlehem.



(Update 3/20/13 @ 1355 Hrs): We have information that HOUSER now has shorter hair than is depicted in the above photograph.  HOUSER no longer has a pony tail and has suffered burns to his face/lips, arms, and right leg as a result of the incident at 1965 Greenleaf Street.



On March 19, 2013, Davina C. BOWLER was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge James Narlesky on charges stemming from the same investigation.  She had been charged with possession with the intent to deliver, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, and related charges.  Bowler was committed to Northampton County Prison after failing to post $15,000 bail.


On March 18, 2013, Elaine NOONE, 64 years of age, was arrested by the City of Bethlehem Police Department on an arrest warrant charging her with crimes stemming from the same investigation.  She was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge James Narlesky.  NOONE was released on $75,000 unsecured bail.

Elaine NOONE

The investigation was conducted by the Northampton County Drug Task Force, City of Bethlehem Police Department, Bethlehem Township Police Department along with assistance from the Pennsylvania State Police clandestine laboratory team.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of CAULFIELD or HOUSER should call the City of Bethlehem Police Department at 610-865-7187 or Detective Vasvari at 610-865-7129.

For more information see our post here.

Meth Lab Arrest Update


On March 18, 2013, Elaine NOONE, 64 years of age, was arrested by the City of Bethlehem Police Department on an arrest warrant charging her with crimes stemming from an investigation into methamphetamine sales in the City of Bethlehem and Bethlehem Township.  The investigation was conducted by the Northampton County Drug Task Force, City of Bethlehem Police Department, Bethlehem Township Police Department along with assistance from the Pennsylvania State Police clandestine laboratory team.

She was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge James Narlesky.  NOONE was released on $75,000 unsecured bail.

Arrest warrants have been obtained for the following individuals in relation to this investigation: Jeffrey CAULFIELD, 28 years of age, Daniel James HOUSER and Davina C. BOWLER, both 39 years of age. CAULFIELD and HOUSER are wanted on charges of Operating a Methamphetamine Laboratory, Criminal Conspiracy, and six other charges. BOWLER is being charged with three crimes related to this manufacturing operation.





Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of these people please contact the City of Bethlehem Police Department at 610-865-7187 or Detective Christopher Vasvari at 610-865-7129.

Bethlehem Chief of Police Makes MDA Lock-Up News

Bethlehem, PA

As many of you know, I have been in MDA lock-up for about a month.  (If not, click here for more info).  The response from the public has been great and together we have raised over $1300 to help fight muscle disease.  Our goal is to raise $3000 by the lock-up date of March 27th. 

Most wanted

Today, March 18th, I received an email letting me know that we have raised the second highest amount of money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for the Lehigh Valley Region.  If you have already donated, THANK YOU!  If not, please consider making a small donation to help this very worthwhile cause.

See below for the Current Honor Roll.  Thank you for your support and generous donations.

Jason Schiffer

Chief of Police

Lock-up News

Traffic Alert Wednesday 3/20

Be Prepared to Stop


On Wednesday 3/20, E. 5th St will be closed between Pierce St and Buchanan St while Pierce St will be closed between E. 3rd St and E. 5th St.  The closures are necessary due to surveying work in the roadway.  Sections of the roadway will be opened as the surveying work is completed.