Dedicated Young Men and Women of Bethlehem’s Police Explorer Post

On the evening of January 23rd one of many classes was held for the Bethlehem Police Explorers Post.

Sgt. Karb, Officer Kaintz, and Officer Schlegel – the post’s advisors, were present at this meeting to introduce the subject matter to be covered by their guest.

The topic to be covered during this class was use of force by the police. Presenting was Deputy Chief of Police Craig Finnerty, who has covered this topic with many Explorers in the past, as well as with numerous attendees of our department’s Citizen’s Police Academy.


The classroom at the Wells Fargo BPD Training Center

Through lecture and demonstration the Explorers learned about:

  • Concept and justification of force
  • Reasonable Force vs. Excessive Force
  • Levels of force
  • Action vs. Reaction
  • Totality of circumstances
  • Case law related to the use of force
  • And several other topics
A volunteer is used to demonstate how pressure to sensitive areas can assist Police in certain situations.

A volunteer is used to demonstrate how pressure to sensitive areas can assist police in certain situations.

The popularity of this post is evident in that it currently has 36 active members, the maximum permitted. Sgt John Karb, the driving force behind the creation and operation of the post, wishes he could allow more to join but the post is limited to a maximum of 36. This post started in 2009 with ten Explorers!

These young men and women meet twice a month during the school year, and also volunteer their time to help the City of Bethlehem at various events.

Stay tuned for future updates of their activities.


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