Bethlehem Police Conducting Aggressive Driving Enforcement

Bethlehem, PA


On 11 December 2012, members of the Bethlehem Police Department conducted an Aggressive Driving enforcement detail on the Route 378 corridor between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM.  During this operation, approximately 374 vehicles were speed timed and a total of 20 citations were issued.  The citations issued were for Speeding (15), Following Too Closely (1), Obedience to Traffic Control Devices (2), Protective Equipment for Motorcycles (1) and Seat Belt Use (1).

The average speed of all traffic timed on Route 378 was 62.3 miles per hour.  Of the speeding tickets issued to drivers, the average speed was 77.15 miles per hour.  The highest speed timed during this operation was 86.2 miles per hour.

The Bethlehem Police Department will continue Aggressive Driving enforcement efforts in identified high-crash areas.

PA-Aggressive-Driving-LogoThe Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project (PAADEEP) is a statewide initiative that utilizes crash data to identify aggressive driving locations.  High visibility target enforcement, coordinated earned media, public awareness and training are conducted on these roadway to reduce the number of needless aggressive driving injuries and deaths.

The partnership is comprised of municipal police departments, the Pennsylvania State Police, PennDOT, the US Department of Transportation and community groups and organizations.



2 thoughts on “Bethlehem Police Conducting Aggressive Driving Enforcement

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how some drivers emulate NASCAR drivers who follow each other around at high speeds in a close formation. They KNOW each other, trust each other, and have hand signals and radios to communitcate with each other.The local jockeys have no idea if the guy they’re following is tippsy,on medication, or just plain mean enough to hit the brakes a cause them to all to wreak. I-78 is NOT Talladega Speedway,
    but it sure seems like it some days.

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