Caution: Meth Gas Generators Found

Bethlehem, PA

Meth Bottles

The above photograph is of items that were recently found on our City’s West Side.  We were alerted by an observant citizen who called it to our attention.

These bottles are HCL Gas Generators or “Gassing Generators” that are used during the production of Methamphetamine.  Hydrogen Chloride gas is produced in this process.  After use, these bottles will still contain an amount of liquid and a gray/white sludge on the inside.  If the bottle remains motionless for a period of time, the reaction between the chemicals may stop.  If the bottle is disturbed or moved, the reaction may begin again causing Hydrogen Chloride gas vapors to emit from the tubing or any holes in the bottle.

If you discover any items similar to this, do not attempt to touch or move the bottles.  The acid contained in the generators can cause burns to the skin and the gas produced can burn the nasal passages, throat, lungs and cause severe respiratory problems.  Depending on the concentration inhaled, this could even result in death.

If discovered, do not touch the bottles, leave them where they are found and try to ensure that no one else come into contact with them.  Call us at 9-1-1 or 610.865.7187 immediately and we will respond to handle the situation.


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