Bethlehem Christmas Decorations 2012

Bethlehem, PA

This message is from our Electrical Bureau – Department of Public Works regarding the annual Christmas decorations that are normally completed by this time of the year.

Bethlehem Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations 2012

As you may recall, we had a very significant storm/hurricane event at the end of October and the City shifted all resources for more than a week in response to that major event.  At the time our Christmas decoration efforts, which are always a challenge, were going quite nicely and were being completed on time.  However, as a result of our Electrical Bureau having to shift all resources to repair damaged signal lights, street lights, etc. and assist other bureaus with their response, we suffered a major setback in our decoration effort.  We also incurred substantial damage to the decorations that were already completed.  Our Electrical Bureau, with limited assistance from other bureaus, worked extremely hard to catch up and had as much of the decorations up by the turn on date of November 23rd as possible.  They succeeded in completing all the “core” areas (i.e. PayrowPlaza and downtowns) and other major sites but some work remains/remained beyond those areas (i.e. mostly intersection decorations).  The Electrical Bureau is continuing with their efforts and expect that all decorations will be completed by December 7th, weather permitting.

Along with all the Christmas decorations that are being installed now, there are dozens of street light poles that have been broken and need to be pulled, replaced and new fixtures wired to bring them back on line.  There are dozens of street light fixtures that were damaged or broken that will need to be re installed or replaced to restore the system back to the condition prior to the storm. 

You also may have noticed the traffic signals missing visors and twisted heads through out the City.  These will also need to be repaired after the decorations are completed.  Only the broken signal heads hanging by the wires were replaced to make the streets safe directly after the storm.  Be assured that the Electrical Bureau Staff is systematically working on these items and will need several more weeks to get all damaged infrastructure back to normal.

Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.

Please check out the Department of Public Works Facebook Page for this and more information about our great city.


One thought on “Bethlehem Christmas Decorations 2012

  1. A big “thank you” to the public works department for all their hard work. I did notice how quickly the traffic lights got back to normal in the city and appreciate that they are still trying to get all the Christmas lights!

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