True Professionals: 9-1-1 Audio from Shooting Incident

Bethlehem, PA

Do you want to hear professionals during a critical incident? Our 9-1-1 audio courtesy of Lehigh Valley’s Bravest.  They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter as @NVPAlerts.

If you have the time to listen to this audio all the way through you will hear why we are advocating to keep our excellent 9-1-1 Center and at least the level of police, fire and EMS that we now have. You will hear the first officer assess the scene finding gunshot victims in the street, the scene being secured, the ambulances being dispatched, the fire department responding to help. You will hear our 9-1-1 dispatcher calmly handling a chaotic situation and getting all resources where they need to be. You will hear our Police Lieutenant Jeff Herzog #225 doing a very skilful job of overseeing the response of all emergency personnel. Then, if you listen long enough, at around 32 minutes in, you will hear another call of shots being fired and a man with a machete. You will hear an officer call out “Shots fired” as she arrives on scene. These men and women of our Police, Fire, EMS and 9-1-1 Center do such an excellent job in the face of the unknown. They are true professionals and deserve your support.


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