City Services Busy During Lehigh/Lafayette – Despite an Away Game

First, congratulations Lehigh University on the fifth straight win over rival Lafayette in the 148th matchup in nation’s oldest football rivalry.  Your come-from-behind win showed great ability and fortitude as you struggled past your worthy opponent.  It is unfortunate that the NCAA ended a brilliant season too early by not extending a playoff bid to you.

Now, for the off the field critique.  Despite numerous admonitions that were broadcast via Twitter (see below), City police and Paramedics were kept very busy during the Lehigh/Lafayette game day dealing with highly intoxicated students.  We were involved in the arrest of eight Lehigh students for alcohol related violations, at least four of which required hospitalization due to the high level of intoxication.

Now for details:

Public Drunkenness: At 12:38 AM, Sam Hall was found passed out and vomiting in the street at 5th & Polk with his iPhone and cash on the sidewalk around him.  He was transported to the hospital for treatment due to his high level of intoxication.

Underage drinking: At 1:03 PM, police received a 9-1-1 call from 216 E. 5th Street.  When they arrived to investigate, they found two underage males passed out.  One male required medical treatment and was transported to the hospital due to his high level of intoxication.  Arrested were Eric Glocke and David Miller.

Underage drinking: At 1:14 PM, an officer observed a female on Fifth Street unable to walk.  She was vomiting on herself and the sidewalk.  The female, Sarah Kitchen, was underage and so highly intoxicated she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Various State Violations: At 3:51 PM Police were called to the 702 Hillside Ave and arrived to find two males urinating off their front porch, yelling and throwing furniture into the street.  The males, Nicholas Gambino and Samuel Starkey were both arrested for various violations.

Drunkenness: At 4:38 PM, we were summoned to the parking lot at 25 E. Morton Street to find a male passed out from intoxication.  Brian Jackson was transported to the hospital for treatment and also cited.

Drunkenness: at 9:18 PM we were called to 514 Carlton Avenue on report of a male banging loudly on a door of an unoccupied residence. We arrived to find Matthew Meese highly intoxicated and bleeding from the face.  He was cited for public intoxication.

Before we get any reactions that we, “the Man”, doesn’t want anyone to have any fun, please review our posted tweets, or any other messages we have put out regarding this issue (Our Guide to Not Get Arrested During Musikfest, the Lehigh Off-campus Student Meeting or the Welcome to Lehigh – Be a Good Neighbor post).  We think that you will find that we have a very tolerant attitude toward fun and campus celebrations (See our post congratulating Lehigh for celebrating with class when Lehigh basketball upset Duke).  We have a very tolerant approach to a lot of behavior, but unfortunately, we encountered some very dangerous situations this weekend that required intervention and arrests.  Our goal is to educate our citizens on these issues so that they are safe and responsible.  We ask everyone to please consider this in the future so that good times may be had by all.


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