Hurricane Sandy Update – Bethlehem, PA 10:00AM Tuesday

Bethlehem, PA

10:00 AM Tuesday October 30, 2012

From: Mayor John Callahan

Hurricane Sandy Update

The City of Bethlehem has rescinded its recommended evacuation order issued yesterday morning for flood prone areas.  The forecasted rain never materialized and both the Saucon Creek and Monocacy Creek never flooded.  According to forecasts for the remainder of the day we do not anticipate flooding in these areas.  Obviously, the City will continue to monitor the weather and update residents as necessary.

We appreciate the cooperation of the residents during the storm.  Please be sure to stay indoors today unless travel is absolutely necessary.  If you do need to travel, please be careful and do not travel around barricades.   

City Hall is operating on back-up power since last night.  As of 10 a.m., 54 intersections are without power in the City.  We have taken steps to repower critical intersections with generators and have placed temporary stop signs at other intersections. There is a significant amount of clean up due to downed through out the City and our crews are out working as hard as they can to restore traffic lights and remove downed trees.


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