Guest Post: 4 Ways to Help Police Spot Predators Outside Your Home

Bethlehem, PA

This is a guest blog post by Silvia Brooks, freelance writer.  If you like what you see, check out more information at her website

4 Ways to Help Police Spot Predators Outside Your Home

Part of being a police officer is responding to calls for help. However, a much larger portion of police work involves patrolling specific areas to check for criminal activity before it ever occurs. As a homeowner, it can be tempting to rely on local police patrols to keep your neighborhood safe, but it’s also important to help police do their work and make moves to protect your own property as much as you can from criminal activity. Here are some simply ways to make your home more secure and help police spot any criminal activity before it happens:

1. Install security lights.

Security lights are some of the best ways to detract thieves. If your house is well-lit from the outside, there is much less room for a criminal to move and attempt a break in. If you’re going to do the work of installing security lights, make sure that you leave no dark corners unattended and think from the perspective of someone who would want to break in. Security lights can be purchased from most home improvement stores and installed on the side of your home, or under your awnings and rooftops.

2. Fence off your backyard.

Even though you may have a front yard that is clear and makes it easy to spot criminals, your backyard may be a disaster waiting to happen. Even if you install lights in your backyard, criminals can easily use your home as an obstruction from the street view and attempt a break in from the back. Fencing off your backyard can help ward off thieves looking for an easy target.

3. Get neighbors on board with security improvements.

You may do everything you can to secure your own property, from constructing fences to installing lights and keeping window spaces clearly visible. But, what happens if your neighbor’s yard resembles a dark dungeon? It is easy from criminal to sneak into surrounding properties for just enough coverage to quickly break into your own home. And, having many houses that seem to be insecure in your neighborhood will make it more appealing to criminals, in general. Speak with your neighbors about working together to ward off criminal activity and offer to help.

4. Get an alarm system.

Having an alarm system that works is your final barrier for criminals. If a door or window is broken into, security alarms will sound and the police will be notified. This is one of the best ways to ensure the security of your home and have peace of mind as a homeowner. Just make sure to get a security package that includes all the elements you really need, from door security to window entry. If you’re going to spend the money, you may as well get the full package.

Silvia Brooks is a security expert and blogger who primarily writes about advances in security technology for security-related sites like Please leave questions and comments for Silvia below. She appreciates your feedback!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: 4 Ways to Help Police Spot Predators Outside Your Home

  1. One thing I cringe at is when I see people use the locate on facebook or post pics of vacations while they are away from home. I think it’s dangerous, especially when you have teens living in your home and some of them have over a thousand facebook friends. You never know who is lurking on your facebook if you accept friends and don’t change your security preferences. Home invasions do happen.

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