City continues education, enforcement garbage policy as students return to campus

John B. Callahan


For Immediate Release:  Aug. 28, 2012

Contact:  Mayor John Callahan – 610-865-7100

                                             Joe Kelly – 610-865-7085

Bethlehem, Pa. (Aug. 28, 2012) – An ordinance education and enforcement policy aimed at college students who live off-campus in Bethlehem is in effect again this year. Last weekend and continuing as necessary, a housing inspector will shift his schedule to weekends to ensure quick response to garbage, housing and other quality-of-life issues in Southside neighborhoods near LehighUniversity.

The policy started last year when the City also began to cite students in addition to landlords for garbage violations. An amended rental ordinance pending before City Council would require landlords to provide one trash and one recycling container per tenant. The current ordinance requires landlords to provide one trash and recycling container per property.

“We are always happy to welcome the students back to Bethlehem. They bring a vitality and energy to the City,” Mayor John Callahan said. “We expect them to be responsible neighbors and we will hold them to the same standard that every resident in Bethlehem is held to.”

Last year’s policy led to a noticeable decrease in nuisance calls and Callahan said he hopes for better results this year.

“More than 6,000 college students call Bethlehem home during the school year and many of them are living off-campus for the first time,” he said. “Being responsible for your property is part of growing up. We expect everyone to keep their properties clean.”


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