Lock Your Car!: BPD Charges 16 Year-old with muptiple Thefts from Cars

Bethlehem, PA

On 7-10-12, a 16 year old male juvenile was arrested by Bethlehem Police in the TD Bank Lot at Five Points, South Bethlehem, after he advertised on “Craig’s List” and attempted to sell a GPS unit that was stolen from a motor vehicle. When taken into custody, the juvenile was also in possession of another GPS unit and an I-pod that were stolen out of unlocked vehicles.

Through continued investigation by Bethlehem Detectives, a search of the juvenile’s residence was done.  Numerous other items were recovered such as: stolen GPS units, GPS window mounts, a Glock Pistol magazine, a Nikon camera, loose change from ashtrays, and other items commonly kept in vehicles.

The 16 year-old juvenile admitted to an addiction to marihuana and cited his marihuana addiction as his reason for committing these thefts from vehicles. The juvenile admitted to committing 40 to 50 thefts from vehicles during the daylight hours and also late at night in various areas of the City; Center City, Moravian area, south Bethlehem.

These thefts occurred from mid-May 2012 to mid-July 2012. The juvenile indicated that all the thefts involved UNLOCKED vehicles. The juvenile also indicated that during one theft, he was caught by the owner of the vehicle, who demanded his property back, yelled at him and let him go.

The juvenile is currently charged with 14 counts of Theft from Motor Vehicles (felony and misdemeanor grades), Criminal Attempt at Theft from Motor Vehicles and Receiving Stolen Property (felony grade). The juvenile is pending Northampton County Juvenile Court action. 

It is believed that many of the thefts from vehicles that this juvenile committed were never reported. The juvenile chose UNLOCKED vehicles because they were left unlocked, quiet and easy to get into.

Please remember to lock your vehicle when parked and not to leave expensive items in your vehicle. If you caught anyone in your vehicle stealing anything, CALL THE POLICE. The person you catch is not doing it only one time. Yelling at the person and letting him go does nothing to prevent further crimes. In this case, the juvenile indicated that he was surprised the adult let him go. The juvenile indicated that he simply continued committing thefts from more vehicles that date.

Crime Prevention tips on preventing thefts from vehicles can be obtained from the Bethlehem Police Crime Prevention Officer, phone # 610-865-7181.

If you believe you were a victim of this juvenile and/or can identify property stolen, please contact Det. Brad Jones at 610-865-7146.

Det. Lt. Mark DiLuzio #223

Bethlehem Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division




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