Bethlehem Police Announce Release of New Mobile Device App

For Immediate Release:  27 July 2012

Contact:  Mayor John Callahan – 610-865-7100 or Joe Kelly – 610-865-7085

Bethlehem, Pa. (27 July 2012) – Bethlehem Police Department’s newest crime fighting initiative is now available on your iPhone or Android smart phone.

Mayor John Callahan announced today that the department will begin using MyPD, a free mobile device application designed to improve communication between police and the public. MyPD allows users to check the latest news, view social media postings, get directions, find department contacts, submit feedback, questions and crime tips and participate in department surveys. The app is not for emergency situations and will not replace services like 911. MyPD is available on iPhone and Android platforms.

“Bethlehem has always been dedicated to community policing and the MyPD app brings that approach to a mobile device,” Callahan said. “Users will be able to better communicate with police and the app will make sure the message gets to the correct officer.”

Bethlehem Chief of Police Jason Schiffer emphasized the flexibility and user-friendliness of MyPD.

“It is important to have a police app that allows users to do a variety of things,” he said. “Our goal is to increase the flow of information, allowing users to easily send messages and questions and allowing police to provide users with our latest news, updates and services.”

MyPD is developed by Massachusetts-based WiredBlue. More than 30 police departments in 13 states use the app. Bethlehem Police is among the first departments in Pennsylvania to use MyPD.

“Corporate America is using apps to provide customers with better service and accessibility,” WiredBlue founder Peter Olson said. “Progressive law enforcement agencies are adopting the MyPD app for the same reasons.”

More details about the app can be found at


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