Bethlehem Mounted Unit aids in capture of “Sorry” Thief

Bethlehem, PA


At 1244 PM on Wednesday July 26th, two juvenile males entered the Moravian Smithy at 425 Main Street.  After asking several questions, one of the males grabbed the cash donation box and both males made for the door.

Moravian Smithy Donation Box

What the males didn’t know is that while they were in the Smithy, two officers from the Bethlehem Mounted Unit stopped on the south end of Main Street, directly outside of the front door.  When the males exited the front door, they came face to face with Bethlehem’s Mounted officers along with George and Pharoah.  The male carrying the cash box saw the mounted police and turned to hand the stolen cash box back to the blacksmith while stating, “Sorry.”

Bethlehem Mounted Officers along with (L to R) Pharoah, George and Raven

The two males immediately fled the area on foot, down the embankment to Johnston Park.  The mounted officers followed in pursuit.  Mounted Officer Mike Leaser, riding George, called the pursuit and police units responded and flooded the area.  Within a minute, at least fifteen Bethlehem Police Officers covered the area from Johnston Park to Sand Island, including Patrol Officers, Mounted Officers, Mountain Bike Officers, plain clothes detectives and members of the command staff.  One of the suspects tried to hide in the Monacacy Creek but could not escape the watchful eyes of the mounted unit.  The foot pursuit continued toward Conestoga Street and ended with a juvenile male being taken into custody by a mountain bike officer and several patrol officers.


One thought on “Bethlehem Mounted Unit aids in capture of “Sorry” Thief

  1. The staff at the Moravian Book Shop THANKS the officers for their diligent work in keeping “lower Main” a safer place! You go guys!

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