Possible Missing Person

Bethlehem, PA

UPDATE: Christina Borsoi has been located in Hellertown, PA and is safe and unharmed.  Thanks to everyone for their assistance in getting this meesage out.


The City of Bethlehem Police Department is investigating the possibility of a missing person.  At approximately 1130 Hrs on July 23rd,Bethlehem Police officers on patrol encountered an abandoned vehicle at the bus stop in the vicinity of E. Fourth St. and Lynn Avenue.  The passenger door was standing open and the keys remained in the vehicle, along with a purse.  The vehicle is a mid-2000’s silver Chevy Impala.  The car belongs to CHRISTINA MARIE BORSOI of 416 Main Street in Hellertown, PA.  BORSOI was born on 20 September 1956, she is a caucasian female, 5′ 7″ tall, with green eyes and wears corrective lenses.  Bethlehem Police are attempting to locate Ms. BORSOI to check on her welfare.  If anyone has any information, please contact the Bethlehem Police Department at 610.865.7187.


2 thoughts on “Possible Missing Person

  1. I remember when this happened , I was 16 in 1968 and it really was sad to here of his death. As a child growing up in Bethlehem the police were so friendly , they always had a hello for you and a smile , and you had respect for them. I remember Merle and Archie Getz , Detective Donchez, and many others . I have respect for all police officers , they put their life on the line . BPD I thank you.

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