UPDATE: Dog in Search of Home in Bethlehem – New Photos

Bethlehem, PA



Call our Communications Center at 610.865.7187 if you want to adopt this dog 

The City of Bethlehem Police Department is attempting to locate the home of a lost dog.  We received a call from a woman on Tuesday morning shortly after midnight who found the “friendly pit bull” but could keep it.  The dog was taken to our police headquarters, fed, walked, etc.  The dog escaped while being walked by one of our officers on Tuesday morning.  The dog was re-captured in the area of Elizabeth Avenue and North New St. and is now back in a crate.

We believe the dog to be around one year of age and looks to be in reasonably good health.  He walks well on a leash and knows basic commands.  The dog is very friendly and is brown with a white diamond on his chest.  His feet have some white on them and the tip of his tail is also white.

We are attempting to locate the owners of the dog, or a new family who wishes to adopt the animal.  If anyone has any information, please contact us at 610.865.7187.


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