UPDATE: Another Dog in Search of Owners – North East Bethlehem

This dog has been returned to the owner.

Bethlehem, PA


The Bethlehem Police Department is now in the possession of a small dog that was found in the North East section of our city.  If anyone has any information regarding the owners of this dog, or would like to be the new owners of this dog, please contact us at 610.865.7187.


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Another Dog in Search of Owners – North East Bethlehem

  1. You need to start an animal control FB page for these lost and found animlas. They can be networked through rescue groups from there… Would be happy to help you get that set up…Email me if we can help you.

    • Please let me know what is happening regarding the pups being kept and cared for by Bethlehem City employees-how many are still there, what can be done to help, etc.
      Thanks much

      • The City now has an agreement with Christmas City kennel so that any dogs we take in are being cared for at their facility as we try to reunite with their owners or adopt out, if that is the only solution. This agreement is a good fit for us and for the animals that come our way. We no longer have to resort to city employees caring for them or taking them home temporarily. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Bethlehem Police Department,
    Thank you for your reply regarding the overflow of dogs that had been kept in one of your city garages due to lack of local shelter space. Would you be so kind as to advise where Christmas City Kennel is located?

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