Press Release: Orlando Homicide Suspects Arrested in Bethlehem

On Thursday June 28, 2012 at 2:45 p.m., detectives from the City of Bethlehem Police Department along with the U.S. Marshal Fugtive Task Force arrested two males who were wanted for Criminal Homicide by the City of Orlando Police Department in Orlando, Florida.

The two individuals are identified as JAMAL TERCL JACKSON, age 19, of 630 Cassine Drive, Orlando, Florida 32811 and MANUEL LUIS REY, age 19, no current address – Orlando, Florida.  Both JACKSON and REY were taken into custody at East Washington Avenue and Easton Avenue in the City of Bethlehem, Northampton County, PA.  Both JACKSON and REY were arrested without incident.

These two arrests were the result of a joint cooperative effort by the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force and the City of Bethlehem Police Department. The investigation is currently ongoing.

JACKSON and REY were arraigned by Bethlehem Police Detectives before Northampton County On-Duty Judge Joseph Barner on the charge of Fugitive from Justice.  Since both JACKSON and REY were both wanted for Homicide and listed as Fugitives, no bail was set.  JACKSON and REY were committed to Northampton County Prison pending extradition back to Florida.



Wanted Person: Angel Lopez for Burglary

Wanted for Burglary

Angel Lopez of 941 E. 5th St., Bethlehem, PA

BC- 12-26433 The Bethlehem Police Department has a warrant for Angel Lopez, DOB 17 January 1979, for the charge of Burglary.  Lopez has a last known address of 941 East Fifth Street – 1st Floor in Bethlehem.  On 16 June 2012, the property at 805 E. 5th Street was burglarized and four cast iron radiators were stolen from the residence.  We have information that Lopez committed the burglary with the assistance of a black male named “Sam” who drives a pickup truck.  If anyone has any information on the location of Angel Lopez, or the male only known as “Sam”, please contact our Communication Center at 610.865.7187.  Detective Brad Jones is investigating this crime.

UPDATE: Another Dog in Search of Owners – North East Bethlehem

This dog has been returned to the owner.

Bethlehem, PA


The Bethlehem Police Department is now in the possession of a small dog that was found in the North East section of our city.  If anyone has any information regarding the owners of this dog, or would like to be the new owners of this dog, please contact us at 610.865.7187.

UPDATE: Dog in Search of Home in Bethlehem – New Photos

Bethlehem, PA



Call our Communications Center at 610.865.7187 if you want to adopt this dog 

The City of Bethlehem Police Department is attempting to locate the home of a lost dog.  We received a call from a woman on Tuesday morning shortly after midnight who found the “friendly pit bull” but could keep it.  The dog was taken to our police headquarters, fed, walked, etc.  The dog escaped while being walked by one of our officers on Tuesday morning.  The dog was re-captured in the area of Elizabeth Avenue and North New St. and is now back in a crate.

We believe the dog to be around one year of age and looks to be in reasonably good health.  He walks well on a leash and knows basic commands.  The dog is very friendly and is brown with a white diamond on his chest.  His feet have some white on them and the tip of his tail is also white.

We are attempting to locate the owners of the dog, or a new family who wishes to adopt the animal.  If anyone has any information, please contact us at 610.865.7187.

Officer Frank A. Rossnagle – Memorial Tribute

It is with great sadness that the Bethlehem Police Department announces the passing of Officer Frank A. Rossnagle, Badge #290.  Frank served with the Bethlehem Police Department for over fifteen years, starting his career in February 1997.  Prior to becoming a Bethlehem Police Officer, Frank served the community of Washington Township, New Jersey as a police officer for fifteen years.

Frank served in our Criminal Investigations Division for over eight years and as our Property/Evidence Officer for the past four years.  While at our department, Frank was the recipient of ten Letters of Commendation for his exemplary performance of his duties.  These letters detail his dedication to his job, his fellow officers, and the citizens he served.  In these letters, he was praised by his supervisors for his perseverance, knowledge and thoroughness during his criminal investigations.  He was honored for his poise and control during stressful situations, his team efforts and his sense of duty.  Frank’s contributions to our community have been many and meaningful.  He also received many letters of appreciation from citizens he helped during his career.

Frank’s law enforcement training included many classes on interviewing and interrogations, FBI Advanced Criminal Investigations, Identity Theft, and detecting the art of deception.  He used these skills to the fullest extent and took great pride in his work.

Frank also served as our department’s historian, doing many hours of research on his own to uncover many of the details of our department’s past.

It is clear that Frank’s passing has left a great void in our police department family and we are all mourning the loss.

Bethlehem Skateplaza Groundbreaking

Yesterday was the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of the Bethlehem Skateplaza.  The Skateplaza has been a great addition to our remarkable city and would not have happened without a lot of hard work and incredible vision of people like Andy Po owner of the Homebase skate shop, Mayor John Callahan, Ralph Carp from the City Parks and Recreation Department, Lorne Possinger of DCNR, and many others.  It was great to see so many out to support this worthwhile venture.  I could go on and on about all the positive benefits we all get from having such a great facility here in Bethlehem, but Andy Po did it better than I ever could in his blog.  So here it is:

The link is here, and the full story is below:

The Real Story Behind Groundbreaking Day.

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At the Homebase 10th Anniversary Jam, Ralph Carp announced that construction would begin on the second phase of the Bethlehem Skateplaza in 2-3 weeks.  Well, that timetable must have gotten pushed up after the amazing weekend we had (full wrap-up of the 10th Anniversary events will be posted up Saturday) because today we tossed some dirt in the air to commemorate the start of construction of Phase 2 which will almost double the Bethlehem Skateplaza in size.  Feel free to stand a cheer wherever you may be while you read that.  But truth is, regardless of how amazing this project is for the community- HATERS ‘GONNA HATE and you need to know the facts so you can educate a hater when you encounter them.  Please remember, these haters are only doing their job and you may not be able to talk sense into them and in that case, just smile, shake your head and skate away. On a perfect May afternoon, a large crowd of skaters, BMXers, parents, skateplaza supporters, community leaders, press, local politicians, police officers, neighborhood locals, members of Bethlehem’s Parks & Rec Department, representatives of the State DCNR commission and of course, Mayor John Callahan all gathered just past the fence enclosing Phase 1 in a show of solidarity of the plaza’s continued expansion.  Once construction begins, FA Rohrbach believes it will be a 150 daybuild out til it’s ready to skate.The naysayers who continue to stereotype this culture were not there.  They must have been too busy ripping at down progress from their keyboards.  The other politicians who only judge us from afar were not there.  Giving a long overlooked demographic a place to stay active in a safe environment isn’t an investment they must want to make since they continue to hide behind outdated stereotypes that skateparks and skateplazas are haven’s for “trouble” and a waste of the City’s resources.  I guess they didn’t show up so they don’t have to listen to the truth of what the skateplaza has done since it opened.Truths like . . .

  • The skateplaza is one of the MOST used city facilities by it’s citizens that is packed on a daily basis all year long.  (I guess investing in the types of ammenities people want isn’t right- right?)
  • The skateplaza is one of least visited public properties the Police get called to for problems like public drinking, vandalism and fighting.  In fact, it’s actually helping make sure our law enforcement can focus on the city’s real problems.  (Oh wait?  Is that HELPING use of public resources better?)
  • The skateplaza has probably one of the LOWEST upkeep costs to the city without a raise in insurance and maybe the only public park the Parks Department employees don’t have to clean because it’s users do it for them.  (Tisk, tisk!  Damn kids cleaning up after themselves.)
  • The skateplaza is primarily funded by dollars specifically meant for open space community projects. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resource’s (DCNR) directors have CHOSEN to award Bethlehem 1.5 million in State grant funding for the skateplaza and greater Greenway Project.  They come to these groundbreakings to show their support for the project they CHOSE to believe in.
  • The skateplaza is one of the only places you routinely see old, young, rich, poor and people of all different races in Bethlehem all together doing something they love to stay active while they interact with each other without any major problems.  (Guess those kinds of lessons aren’t important to encourage to some people.)

I know how passionate Mayor Callahan and Ralph Carp are about the Bethlehem Skateplaza but it took it to a whole new level to hear Lorne Possinger from DCNR speak.  He told a story about visiting another town in Pennsylvania that had a “problem” with skaters so you couldn’t drive a block without seeing a “No Skateboarding” sign.  Instead of listening to the needs of their community, the City was requesting Lorne give them funding to repair a rundown tennis court which he felt was preposterous.  The recreational needs of communities are changing and he “gets it.”

That to me is amazing.  Skateboarders have spent decades fighting for our right to have a place to practice our passion and in most cases, we are turned away be stogy faces who care not to understand but only to discriminate without listening.  But that’s slowly changing with the help of leaders like John Callahan, Ralph Carp, Charlie Brown and Lorne Possinger.  Leaders who take the time to understand and put their faith in the youth instead of brushing them aside as a lost generation.

Which is why WE ALL have to understand why it’s so important we don’t let them down.  These people are gambling with their reputations that we will not act like the naysayers stereotype us to be.  We need to continue to prove them wrong and use the skateplaza responsibly and respectfully.  Live your life how you want, but when you set your board down in the plaza- please be aware your actions can affect our chances for further expansion and the ability for other skateparks/plazas to open.  The haters want a chance to hate what we have.


Thank you to everyone who was there to commemorate the start of Phase 2.  150 days!

Thank you to Mike Panic for the photos