Skateboarding Camp for South Bethlehem Youth Ages 13-16

The Northampton Community College, City of Bethlehem Recreation Department and Homebase Skateshop announced that they will be hosting two seperate, one week-long beginner’s skateboarding camps.  The camps will be held June 18-22 and July 9-13 from 10am – 12 noon.

Little or no experience necessary

This course will start on flat land and build on the basics and includes skateboard orientation and safety, stretching, bailing out and falling, knee sliding, tick tack maneuvers and navigating the skatepark. Students will learn the 10 rules of skatepark etiquette and safety and understand skatepark traffic and flow. As skateboarders master the fundamentals: pushing, turning, pumping for speed and balance, and control of their board on flatland, the course will introduce a few basic maneuvers for the skatepark including pumping and carving transitions and the ollie.

For more information and a registration form, click here —> Skateboarding Camp Flyer – City of Bethlehem


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