Wanted Persons: Help Identify Assault Suspects from Cigars Int’l Incident

Bethlehem, PA

The Bethlehem Police Department is attempting to identify three individuals who were involved in an assault at Cigars International, 535 Main Street at approximately 8:54 p.m. on Thursday May 3rd.

Three males entered the Cigars International store on Main Street to purchase tobacco products.  The males began giving the employee a hard time when he asked for identification to prove their age.  The employee explained to the males that identification is required if they appear to be under twenty-seven years of age.  The males are described as being two white males and one black male.  Further description is as follows:
White male #1: Age 20’s-30’s, gray hooded jacket, black Mets baseball hat
White male #2: Age in 20’s-30’s, dark hair, sideburns, slightly receding hairline, described by a witness as looking like Eddie Munster, wearing a black jacket with white t-shirt
Black male #1: Age approx. 30 years, light complexion, wearing a light colored knit cap with earflaps.  The cap had what appeared to be a Target or Captain America shield on the front, gray zip-up jacket and blue jeans.

The males purchased their products and left the store.  The store employee heard the outdoor sign get knocked over just after the there males left the store and he went outside to investigate.  When the three males were questioned about the sign, Black male #1 walked up to him an put a cold metal object to his throat in a threatening manner.  The employee believed the object to be a knife that was being held to his throat, so he pulled out his personal firearm that he was carrying legally concealed.  The employee possesses a Concealed Carry Permit in Northampton County.  The employee told the male that he feels threatened and he pointed his gun at the man with the knife. When the three males saw the firearm, they ran east on Walnut Street.  No words were exchanged by the the males as they departed the area.

If anyone has any information about this assault or theidentity of any of these individuals, please contact Bethlehem Police Officer Bowerman #398 at 610.865.7187.


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