Breaking News: South Side Robbery – Suspects in custody

Bethlehem, PA

At 2:28 p.m. on 01 May 2012, a female was robbed of her purse in the vicinity of Fourth and News Streets.  The robbery victim was injured during the commission of the crime and is being treated for minor injuries at St. Luke’s University Hospital.

A good citizen witnessed the robbery and called police, giving a description of the getaway car, the license plate number and the direction of travel.  The car was heading east on Fourth Street.  Our 9-1-1 Communications Center quickly relayed this information to our officers.  Two of our undercover officers were in the vicinity and intercepted the car in the area of Fourth Street and Lynn Avenue.  They attempted to the stop the vehicle, which refused to yield to their activated emergency lights and siren on their undercover car.  The car turned on to Shimersville Road and the suspects stopped their car as though they were giving up, but then continued and then into Freemansburg with our officers following behind.  A marked Bethlehem Police car intercepted the robbery suspects from the other direction on Main Street in Freemansburg.  A male and female suspect have been taken into custody without incident.

Bethlehem Police have located the stolen purse and have impounded the car in anticipation of getting a search warrant.

The quick, decisive action on part of a citizen giving a good description of the getaway car and a license number was instrumental in our officers being able to take these suspects into custody within minutes of the robbery.  This action, coupled with good work by our 9-1-1 Communications Center, undercover and uniformed officers have brought this robbery to a quick successful conclusion.  Great work everyone!


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