Guest blog post: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Pennsylvania plays big role in Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Bethlehem, PA
Post by Guest Blogger Kala Bell

With April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month throughout the United States, Pennsylvania is playing a big part with a number of programs and initiatives serving to make the roads safer. The month of awareness aims to highlight the general dangers of driving distracted, as well as call attention to lawmakers and other industry groups with a large impact on these distractions.

Here in Pennsylvania, much of the efforts are being led by local government, law enforcement and the state Department of Transportation. The Pennsylvania DOT has just recently announced major plans for a new statewide initiative to further the importance of keeping distractions to a minimum. The initiative will be known as the “Just Drive PA” cause and will serve to make roads safer throughout the state.

This initiative, along with a number of others in the state, will serve to bring education and information to schools. Teenage drivers are one of the biggest targets for these initiatives, as early information and education will be crucial to keeping cell phone use in the driver’s seat down into the future.

The work being done in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation focused on distracted driving comes at a time when it has been a topic of major discussion on Capitol Hill. Much of the debate has revolved around different improvements for the future of road safety. There’s no doubt that minimizing cases of distracted driving will largely depend on a combination of improvements made from lawmakers, automakers, as well as getting more education out there.

There are currently 35 states that have laws against texting and driving, as well as close to 10 that have full bans on handheld cell phone use while driving. Pennsylvania is one of the 35 states with a texting while driving ban, but the lack of a law against handheld use makes initiatives to cut down on distractions all the more important.

The next frontier of the efforts against distracted driving is likely to involve automakers as well as the possibility of cell phone and tech developers. There’s no question that the products being put out are having an impact and becoming a distraction for some. Awareness months and initiatives will continue in the effort to cut down on cases of distracted driving. During April and throughout the year, it’s clear that the state of Pennsylvania is on board, with numerous events and education opportunities mapped out to improve road safety throughout the state.

Kala Bell is a creative writer from the University of Michigan. She works closely with Distracted Driving Help, to raise awareness of the dangers texting while driving has on the community.
She can be reached at

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