Congratulations to Corporal Gallagher – Lehigh University Police Officer of the Year

Bethlehem, PA

The City of Bethlehem Police Department would like to congratulate Corporal Anthony Gallagher for receiving the Lehigh University Police Department’s Officer of the Year Award.  Corporal Gallagher is the supervisor for the LUPD’s Community Policing Unit, which serves not only the campus of Lehigh University, but also the surrounding communities in South Bethlehem.  This unit, created by Lehigh’s Police Chief Ed Shupp, works closely with the Bethlehem Police Department addressing the concerns of both city residents and Lehigh students.  The LUPD officers have been instrumental in the reduction of both violent crime and property crime in South Bethlehem.  There have been numerous instances where the LUPD Community Officers have apprehended violent criminals and assisted with many other investigations.  Our community is safer due to the excellent relationship between the City and the Lehigh University Police.  Thank you, Corporal Gallagher for all that you do, both on and off campus.  This is a well deserved honor!

Here is the link to the Lehigh University news story about Corporal Anthony Gallagher’s Officer of the Year Award.

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