CANCELED: WANTED PERSON: Burglary suspect Andre West


The Bethlehem Police Department currently has an arrest warrant for ANDRE WEST, age 48, in relation to a burglary at the Christ Church UCC, 75 E. Market Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania., that occurred on January 14, 2012.

WEST is described as a 6’0” thin black male with a bald head and bush grey sideburns which lead into a chinstrap style beard. WEST has a pointy nose with a thin face. WEST frequents soup kitchens in the area. He was last seen on January 14, 2012 wearing a blue coat with a white strip across the chest.

If you have information on ANDRE WEST’s whereabouts, please contact the City of Bethlehem Police Department at 610-865-7187 and/or Officer Sam Elias at 610-865-7187.

The information you provide can be kept confidential.

Make a difference. Get involved in your community and help us make it a safer place.

Thank You


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